Mondriaan, a mental health institution in the South of Limburg in the Netherlands was looking for a solution to archive client files. The condition was that client files from the old Code24/MijnQuarant electronic health record (EHR) remained available. It was vital that the more than 2,400 care providers would still have access to the files from the old EHR after Pluriform Zorg, the new EPD, went live.


After completing the tender, they selected Archive-IT's Virtual Archive. Also because the Virtual Archive already has an HL7 (Health Level 7) connection for a long time, the international standard for exchanging information between different healthcare systems. This link is needed to connect to the new EHR. Archive-IT's solution meets all the technical, functional and other requirements set by Mondriaan. A five-year contract period has been chosen, during which the mental health institution has the option of expanding the number of users without limitation.

By choosing Virtual Archive as a SaaS solution, Mondriaan has automatic updates and a software application that meets the highest achievable security standards. Mondriaan manages the storage and destruction of client documents and/or files itself. The Virtual Archive also provides Mondriaan with the assurance that client files are managed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in the field of privacy and confidentiality.


With the commissioning of Virtual Archive, Mondriaan has the guarantee that the data from the old EHR is archived correctly. This ensures that this information is easily accessible to care staff.

Care workers access the Virtual Archive via a secure web integration. They can automatically access multiple applications and resources in the Pluriform Zorg network from the Mondriaan domain. During implementation, authorisation was set up based on the 'need to know' principle. This means that each healthcare provider only has access to the information relevant to him or her.

All actions from the moment of call-up to inspection are recorded, both in Pluriform Zorg and in the Virtual Archive. Recording takes place at various levels:

  • Patient level
  • Dossier level
  • Document level
  • User level (login history)

This integration and automated registration and logging are in line with Mondriaan's desired working method in the field of information security and client rights.

Finally, the Virtual Archive archiving solution is widely deployable. Data from other systems can also be archived as soon as the need arises. The collaboration with Archive-IT provides Mondriaan with a sustainable, future-proof solution for managing its files and documents.

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