Problem Statement

Parnassia Group has multiple EHR systems with historical patient data that is difficult to access and access. By migrating this patient information from the various EHR systems and putting it in one central environment, huge time savings are realized.

In addition, anonymizing information is a time-consuming process that approximately 20 employees deal with on a daily basis. In the current situation, documents are printed on paper and sensitive information is blurred manually. Soon this will be done from the same central environment. The anonymization of documents will be done digitally, which will save a lot of time.

The solution

Historical patient information is retrieved from the various EHR systems (PinkRocccade, Psychis and myQuarant databases) and imported into Virtual Archive by Archive-IT. This immediately records all necessary metadata such as a unique patient number, date of birth and name so that searching becomes easier. In addition, Virtual Archive offers the possibility of digital anonymization of information.

The result

One central environment from which historical patient data can be found and anonymized if necessary with attention to legally required retention policies. In practice, this provides enormous efficiency gains.

In the future, besides the myQuarant databases that will be put into Virtual Archive in phase one, several more historical databases will be migrated. Thus, in the future one will have access to historical patient information from one and the same central cockpit in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Finally, the deployment of the Virtual Archive makes it possible to register the physical archive directly in the software application. In this way, one can access both digital and paper patient data from this central environment. Win-win!

Key figures

+/- 20



Terrabytes of data in phase one


Terrabytes of data with a possible future expansion

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