Last week we announced that Jalema, part of the same group as Archive-IT, will be taken over by the T3L group on 1 July 2019.

What is now called Archive-IT once formed the basis of Jalema, a manufacturer of archiving systems and has now grown into a European player in the office supplies market. Jalema, a family business that started in 1947, was for many years the specialist in the world of archiving systems, especially in the world of healthcare and in the graphic world. Jalema’s medical files, the Jalemaclip and the X-ray files, which were also sold in the branches in France, Belgium and the USA, were well known.

The digital age

At the end of the nineties in the last century, Jalema investigated the possibility of playing a role in the digital world. She wanted to convince her clients, who were used to working with paper files, of the fact that they could leave it up to Jalema to digitise, process and make paper information accessible.

Eventually, in 2004, this led to the establishment of the company I-FourC and it became an independent legal entity which, in addition to Jalema, entered the market as a sister organisation and with the same mother. Both companies had the same director, Joan Westendorff, son and grandson of the founders in 1947.

I-FourC is now 15 years on and it was recently decided to change the name and legal entity to Archive-IT.


Jalema was also looking for its own way and started to develop more as a producer of office supplies. In order to become a stronger European player, it was decided to transfer this company to the Danish/French group T3L. T3L will sell the Jalema products in “its” countries and Jalema, which will continue under its own name, will also produce and sell the T3L products in the Benelux. The employment of the Jalema branches in Hoogezand and Reuver will be maintained as well as the brands Jalema, Atlanta, Secolor and Multo.

Archive-IT wishes Jalema every success in this new phase and is confident that Jalema, T3L and Archive-IT will continue to strengthen and complement each other in the future.

Reuver, 2 July 2019
Joan Westendorff

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