Archive-IT, formerly I-FourC!

Since June 2019, I-FourC is no longer the name of our company, but we have continued under the name Archive-IT. I-FourC was founded in 1999, as part of its sister company Jalema. Jalema, the specialist in the field of physical archiving, foresaw that the organisations were literally flooded with paper and that the digital age was entering and therefore set up a separate department. This department has grown over the years, after which the department became independent as a separate company and from 2004 continued as a sister company under the name I-FourC.

I-FourC has made a name for itself in the healthcare sector, where we have digitised and archived millions of medical records. And do it again and again! Because medical records have always been our core business, we have specialised in processing the most privacy-sensitive information available in a careful, secure and accessible manner. With success! But our ambitions go much further and we are increasingly establishing a foothold in other sectors. We are also becoming increasingly ‘digital’ and there are many new innovations and developments. Reason enough for I-FourC to take a good look at the current profile. This resulted in a new look under the meaningful name: Archive-IT!


A name we are proud of! Archive-IT says something about our core business: archiving. Whether we store and manage archives in physical form, or make digital files and documents accessible in a secure manner: Archive-IT archives! The fact that the digital archive and the digital possibilities form an increasingly large part of our business is evident, hence the prominent place of IT in our naming.

Why Archive-IT?

As a result of the expansion of our software and services portfolio, we have taken a critical look at our image as such, in order to analyse whether our current positioning is still in line with these new innovations. In addition, our international ambitions extend further and further. In addition to our two branches in the Netherlands, we also have branches in Belgium, France, and Germany. A second branch is even being built in Germany; we are now making great strides internationally. In order to reinforce this growth and innovations and to give them a new look & feel, we will position ourselves as Archive-IT from June 2019.

What does that mean for our customers?

  •  Your contacts and our way of working remain the same
  • More and more new innovations, products, applications, and services are being added to our portfolio. It only offers new possibilities
  • Archive-IT works together with partners in order to optimise the results for customers and to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market

In short

In short, Archive-IT acts in the same way as you are always used to from I-FourC. Nothing will change in terms of employees, working methods and norms and values. We have given our profile a fresh, new and modern look and we think it is important that our customers find what they are looking for at Archive-IT. Curious about our mission, vision and our team of enthusiastic people? Then click on the link and get to know Archive-IT!