Digitising… that “digital” work is the reality, is no longer a surprise to anyone. Paper is disappearing more and more within our working environments, but why should you opt for digitisation? What are the advantages of this? On World Savings Day, we will list a few (of many) savings from digitisation for you.

1: Space

It saves a lot of space! Just imagine…. All rooms and/or cabinets that are now filled with mountains of binders, files and boxes: LOW! You can undoubtedly use this space in a more valuable way. Digitizing means: no more valuable physical space lost to your archive.

2: Time

Wasting time searching for documents is a thing of the past. If you get it at all in your archive?! By simply typing in a number of keywords, you can access all your documents digitally. With just one click of the mouse! No more frustrations from files that are stored at a colleague’s desk at once instead of in the archive room. That makes a big difference in search work. And you can also be sure that you have the right, latest version of your document.

3: Money

You save money! Of course, digitisation requires an investment. However, it is an investment that you will earn back in no time at all. The search time that is reduced, the cost of paper, printers and toners are just a few examples.

4: Environment

Digitisation is better for the environment. Why? You don’t need paper anymore and what is paper made of? Right! From trees. Because you no longer use paper or use less, you are more sustainable with our trees and our environment.

5: Loss of documents

Digitising archives significantly reduces the risk of document loss. Think of fire and/or water damage. In digital form, your documents are protected against these forms of loss. This often involves important, business-critical and/or personal data, where it is crucial to protect them against external influences.

6: Efficiency

Digitisation makes it easy to share and analyse information. No more hassle with forwarding hundreds of documents via e-mail and creating countless different versions. At the touch of a button, you can share mountains of information. With extensive authorisation structures, you can also determine exactly who has insight into which document. Not only efficient, but also extremely secure.

It often takes some time to get used to transforming from a paper-based to a digital working environment. Yet it is precisely the benefits/savings that make this transformation worthwhile. After all, in the end we all want to achieve the highest, most efficient result for our organisation within the shortest possible time. Digitisation helps.

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