In the Netherlands, there are more than one million entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs provide more than 60% of the added value and provide more than 70% of the employment in the business community. It is therefore important that this sector keeps up with the times and embraces the digital age. But what are the benefits of digitisation for SME entrepreneurs? And how does the government contribute to this?


Digitisation offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to do business efficiently and innovatively. Digitizing has many advantages. It saves a lot of valuable space and it is also much easier to consult files once they have been digitised. It is also increasingly difficult these days to guarantee the safety of paper.

For many entrepreneurs, however, it is a big step to start the digitisation process. This is particularly true for small entrepreneurs. They find it difficult to translate new technologies into concrete applications for the company. These entrepreneurs simply lack the time, knowledge and skills to get to grips with this. Nevertheless, it is important for these entrepreneurs to remain in tune with the wishes of their customers and to use the opportunities offered by digitisation to optimise their own business processes.

Action plan for SMEs

In July 2018, the government drew up an action plan to support SME entrepreneurs with several major challenges. This includes digitisation. The government wants the Netherlands to become the digital leader in Europe. One of the ways in which they are supporting these companies digitally is through the use of digital technology:

  • Digitisation of SME Workshops. This is a programme in which education and business are brought together. Here, students and KVK entrepreneurs help companies with tips and advice on the use of data, online sales and marketing and smart automation.
  • Field labs and Smart Industry Hubs. In Fieldlabs and Smart Industry Hubs, entrepreneurs can develop, test and implement innovative, industrial solutions together with knowledge institutions.
  • Workshops digitizing SMEs, with presentations of entrepreneurs who have experience with digitization, in order to inspire other entrepreneurs.


Digitising your archive is the first step towards an efficient, fast and above all safe working environment. In combination with an accessible and intuitive digital platform to archive your documents, you gain control over your digital (and possibly privacy-sensitive) documents. Wondering how Archive-IT can help you with this? Please contact us for more information.

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