Many organisations work digitally and have fully embraced the digital age, yet many hybrid organisations still exist. These organisations work partly digitally but also partly on paper. It is also common to work digitally at the front end, but there is still a lot of (valuable) history on paper. This results in a high degree of inefficiency, incompleteness and is also not always safe. Do you recognise these problems? Digitisation offers the solution!


Digitising has many advantages. Some of these advantages are:

  • Information is always and everywhere available. This not only makes it easier to work outside office walls and hours, but also to share information with others.
  • The security of your documents is guaranteed. After all, the digital documents fully comply with AVG legislation and regulations. Authorisations and logging also enhance information security.
  • The risk of burglary, water and/or fire damage is eliminated.
  • One efficient environment with information is created.
  • Saving valuable space. The space previously taken up by the storage of the archive can be used for other purposes.
  • Saving costs associated with the physical storage of files.
  • Saving of time spent searching and finding the right information.

The digitisation process

The process of digitisation consists of several steps. Arrangements are made in advance, in good consultation, about the archive to be digitised. The archive is then retrieved from the customer’s premises with sealed and exclusive transport. Once arrived at Archive-IT, the files are registered in the system. The files are then made ready for scanning. This means that all non-scannable materials (such as staples) are removed, so that the scanning runs smoothly. It is also possible to clean up the contents and – partially – rearrange the files. This can be done manually or by software. After this preparation, actual digitisation can begin. The files are scanned double-sided by experienced scanning operators with a High Volume scanner. When the files are available digitally, there are several possibilities. The customer can make use of Archive-IT’s software, but can also opt for an upload to his own system. After digitisation, the files are stored free of charge for eight weeks. When this period is over, the choice lies with the client: destruction, storage or receiving the files back.

Careful and safe

Archive-IT is the specialist in the field of careful and secure digitisation. We offer 100% delivery reliability and guarantee the security of your files. If you need a file during the digitisation project, you can request it as a priority. Archive-IT can digitize different types of documents for you. Some examples are: medical files, personnel files, (construction) drawings, case files, administrative archive and so on. Read more about digitisation here.

Are you interested in digitising your document flow? Archive-IT will be happy to help you find a suitable solution. Please feel free to contact us!

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