Document management is important in every sector, but for pharmaceutical companies, the consequences of poor document management can be fatal. Incorrect prescriptions, wrong test results or outdated leaflets can lead to health risks. Also, not consulting data correctly during an audit can result in failure or loss of certification. So there are many things to consider in the pharmaceutical industry for optimal quality management and information security levels.

Guidelines in pharmacy

The pharmaceutical industry is part of the healthcare sector and, partly because of this, many guidelines have been drawn up. Certificates can be obtained for some guidelines, while others are mandatory by law. The most important guidelines to take into account are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) and ISO 17025: General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. All these standards are related to quality management, which is why the ISO 9001 certificate is also of great importance. The latter certificate concerns the quality system of a company. In order to take into account these many guidelines and requirements, a good and appropriate document management system is of great importance.

Paper or digital?

There is still a lot of paper involved in companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Because the processes are quite elaborate, this leads to large mountains of paper and an enormous amount of data. You may wonder whether this is useful, as information security is crucial. Often, different people from different teams use and modify the same documents. If they are on paper, the documents are only available in one place and to one person at a time. After digitisation, with a good digital document management system, documents are available to several people at once and from any location. People may also have partial versions or changed documents on their personal computers. In addition, there are many and long retention periods. With a good system, this can also be handled in accordance with laws and regulations. Finally, all those paper documents take up a lot of space.

Archive-IT can help you!

Archive-IT's solutions provide support. With all the experience over the years Archive-IT is specialized in digitising, digital and physical archiving. Archive-IT also has several certificates including the essential ISO 9001 certificate. Experience the many advantages of document management at Archive-IT like:

  • Your documents are available to several people simultaneously and from any location.
  • You always work with the correct version.
  • Security and authorisations are better guaranteed.
  • You can apply a deletion policy in accordance with legislation and regulations.
  • Your documents are easy to find.

It is often not necessary to digitise all your documents. Documents that are not (often) needed anymore in your daily work can also be archived physically. Archive-IT can also help you with this. By leaving your physical document management to Archive-IT, a lot of valuable space is freed up in your organisation, your data is safer, and retention periods are easily managed. Do you need an archived document? No problem, simply request the document via Scanning on Demand and receive the file digitally within 1.5 hours.

Are you curious about how Archive-IT can help you? Our advisors will be happy to discuss the solutions that best suit your organisation.

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