Fortunately, many organisations are becoming more and more efficient and digital. However, not everyone has yet fully switched over to the digital world. The technologies that are available nowadays are not (yet) used optimally. Many documents may already be digital, but secretly there is still a lot of paper floating around in many companies. Is that because of potentially high investments and fears about the security of information? Or are you afraid to destroy your paper files once and for all?

Working completely digitally?

Paper has been the communication medium for decades. Meanwhile, many companies and organisations have partly embraced digital working. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to working digitally. Unconsciously, there is still plenty of paper on the work floor, which creates a hybrid situation. There is a fear of digitising what is still on paper and then having the paper destroyed. Some people still like the feel of paper, the tangibility of the information and actually holding something. The hybrid situation leads to lower efficiency, poorer accessibility of information and less security.

Of course, you don't want that either. In this digital age, we can no longer do without technology. So why not make full use of it and let it work to our advantage? If you already work partly digitally, why not fully digitally? Think of the search time for information that is enormously reduced and information that can be easily shared and edited. For example, does a former employee need a file for his/her retirement? If this file is digital, you can prepare these documents for a defined period. Ideal, right?

The advantages of paper also in digital form

If we take the above facts into consideration, the ideal situation is a fully digital solution that retains the advantages of paper. People prefer to work intuitively. And complicated ICT solutions are unfortunately usually not built for that. Archive-IT, specialist in digital archiving of privacy sensitive files, has taken up this challenge. We have developed a solution which allows you to work on digital devices just like you are used to with paper. This means, among other things, that you can browse through your digital file, but you can also shade, compare, bookmark and add notes. The advantages that you experience with paper, you also experience digitally and all that with all the other digital advantages!


Security is an aspect that should always be taken into consideration. Especially in the digital world. Do you send information via e-mail or other applications? Then you should be able to trust that these are safe connections and that all procedures concerning digital security are strictly followed. Archive-IT proves that the safety of information is guaranteed by its ISO27001 certificate: the standard for information security! Archive-IT is also GDPR compliant and has a NEN7510 certificate.

We cannot ignore it anymore. We will have to fully embrace the digital era and let it work to our advantage. But in such a way that it supports current working methods. Would you like to know more about how you can work completely digitally? Our advisors will be happy to help you!

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