Strong and secure passwords: we know they are important, but still too often we choose something we can easily remember. If passwords are not strong enough, the chances of data theft are greater. Using the same password often is also strongly discouraged to keep data safe. We will pay more attention to this issue in this blog, because information security is very important to Archive-IT.

Strong password is important

A strong password is the most important barrier that prevents most online accounts from being hacked. Yet an analysis from 2020 shows that of the 275 million passwords that were leaked, the majority are easy to guess or can be cracked with hacking software within seconds. Only 44 percent of the passwords turned out to be unique, which means that the majority matched each other. Some tips for a strong password are; the longer the better, different types of punctuation and one basic password with variable parts.

Security in our software

Archive-IT has developed several software solutions, the Virtual Archive and AIR, where security is of great importance. It is essential that our customers have easy, but above all safe access to their digitised records. In order to guarantee this security, we invest in optimal information security on a daily basis. Besides a strong password, which we enforce on the users of our software, there is also the possibility of Two Factor Authentication. This means that, in addition to your user name and password, an additional feature (such as a verification code by e-mail or text message) must be used to log in. This extra security ensures that, in addition to the password, an extra security aspect is added to the account. Furthermore, rights and authorisations can be set very extensively in our software. Detailed logging is also active, which records all actions within the systems.

Single Sign On

Sometimes users go 'crazy' with all those passwords for different applications and systems. We can well imagine that. This is why we have developed the Single Sign On solution. This means that we link our software to the Active Directory of the organisation. This allows us to take over the rights and the user does not have to log in again when they want to access our software.

Physical security

Archive-IT is continuously working on getting and keeping its processes around the security of both physical and digital files in order. This is shown by the certifications which are issued after independent audits. Physical measures are also part of this. Consider, for example:

  • Badge-based access control
  • Camera surveillance
  • Burglary prevention
  • CO² extinguishing gas system
  • Direct notification of the fire service
  • Dry fire extinguishing lines

A strong password is very important. Nobody wants privacy-sensitive data to end up in the wrong hands. Archive-IT has optimised its software to increase the security of the data. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for optimal security of your data? Please feel free to contact us here!

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