Privacy-sensitive information in the digital age; how secure is this really? As of 1 January 2016, it will be compulsory to report data leaks in accordance with the new Notification Requirement for Data Leaks. Archive-IT will be happy to inform you about the state of affairs and the role you yourself have as an organization.

I am sure that you have not failed to notice that this subject has risen to a climax. “The Meldpunt programme discovered that personal data of 200,000 patients could be accessed via the Internet. This was shown in detail in the Meldpunt! programme of Omroep Max of 26 January and yesterday evening 1 March, the subject was again addressed. The leak came from a scanning company, in which metadata from various Dutch and Belgian hospitals were publicly accessible.” 

Grip on your data

No one can afford to have privacy-sensitive data on the streets! As an organisation, you are responsible for the partner you are working with. But even more important as a director, you are personally responsible and liable for not complying with the privacy legislation. We would therefore like to draw your attention to the fact that having certifications is an important criterion when choosing a partner. Work on digitising patient files may only be carried out by certified companies. Employees working on such projects must be screened in advance and must also have signed a confidentiality agreement. Price-fighters among digitisation companies can provide the scanning work at a low price, because the labour-intensive preparations for this work are carried out in sheltered workshops and prisons. Of course, these are not certified for these activities.

Safety is the highest priority!Archive-IT has incorporated the highest achievable safety measures into its business processes. We assure you that the security of information, both physical and digital, has the highest priority. This is also confirmed by the ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certificates we hold.

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