Most employees at Care Groups are familiar with it; from location to location. From patient to patient. A Care Group works from several disciplines, with several branches. What about the provision of information? Is all data available in a correct and secure manner when an employee needs it? That can be a challenge!

Chain care

Because various care providers are united in Care Groups, we all make it possible to offer good, fast and high-quality care where necessary. It is precisely because of this chain of care and the various providers that simple and secure access to information is of great importance.

Less time, better care

Everyone is aware that efficiency gains are continually being made within the healthcare sector. There is less and less time, but providing the right care is always top priority. This can also be quite a challenge from time to time, because in addition to providing care, employees have a lot of other peripheral issues to deal with. The registration of data and keeping the patient’s file up to date are examples of this. Precisely because there is less and less time, it is essential that these peripheral matters do not take up too much time.

The right focus

By ensuring that every employee has access to the right information, at any location or with any patient, a digital information supply is the solution. No complicated IT systems, but rather accessible and user-friendly. One central environment where employees, in combination with correct authorizations, can look up the information where and when they want it.

Don’t forget the history

Often an EPD or ECD system is chosen in which all patient data is recorded. But then there is the paper file, in which a lot of information has been collected in recent years. When you are with the patient, you want to have all the information at hand in order to be able to provide the right care. So it’s obvious that something has to be done with that paper file.

Digitisation vs. External Archive Storage

Within the EPD system, it is possible to make a link to the physical file. All information can then be accessed in a single click, at any location or location! Also possible without digitizing this entire paper mountain….

Wondering how we approach this? We will gladly tell you!Wij vertellen het u graag!

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