Who doesn’t know, wherever you have to log in, your data will first be requested and registered. My estimate is that the average Dutch person has had to do this dozens of times already. This also means that the data is registered in dozens of different places. The privacy can be used in dozens of places, but it can also be abused. Most people don’t think about registering their data. After all, it is necessary otherwise you can’t get any further, and you can’t buy your article, you can’t become a member of a club.

A safe deposit box

How nice it would be if we only had to register our data in one place, such as our name and address, and if all the authorised bodies and persons could extract the data from it. Not in order to store them again, but only to read them. Otherwise, we will be back to square one. Of course with your permission and with the highest possible security. In this way, privacy can be more easily guaranteed. Or does this mean that privacy is less guaranteed.

This thought could even be extended to one username and one password. Everyone now has multiple usernames and passwords to be able to log on to websites. These are often the same passwords.


Everything depends on the accessibility of your data. If it is too easy, your privacy will be right on the street. If it is too difficult, then it will be difficult for you to access the data and it will not work in practice.

Do you recognize this phenomenon? What do you think about this? It is in any case a hot item these days, especially if you want your data to be kept safe and handled properly.

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