Fortunately, no one can predict the future with 100% certainty. Everyone has an opinion about the future. I also have a vision about the future in terms of software and data in the cloud.

Data safety

More and more solutions and data are in the cloud. In the private sector, this already happens many times, and 2013 will be the big breakthrough in terms of business. Security is a hot topic. Questions like “where is my data?” and “Is my data secure?” are frequently asked.

Compare security with your own house. How often is a house or company broken into? By burglary I mean; A burglar who forces a window or door and thus gains access to your house or business. This still happens every day. I don’t think anyone cares about this, except the owners and neighbours of the house. Often these burglaries are not national news, while privacy has been violated and important sensitive documents can be on the streets. This is in contrast to a ‘digital burglary’. This immediately becomes national news. Here too, privacy and sensitive documents play a role. What is the difference, then, I wonder? Physical security has become commonplace. If something does happen, it is described as ‘bad luck’. After all, you’ve done everything you can to prevent it. A digital burglary often involves negligence. This feels different!


We are now at the stage where more and more measures are being taken to prevent a digital burglary. When this phase is over, placing data in the cloud will be a much smaller issue. The good physical security we have, such as locks and alarms, will also be implemented on the digital security in a different form.

The way the data is stored in the cloud will become a way of life, also in the business field. Questions such as those mentioned above will then no longer play a role. This does not mean that they are not important. Future generations will know no different, but the dangers will of course remain. Or should we not worry about this anymore…? Of course, I’m also someone from the previous generation. The future will teach us.

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