Sustainable, safe and accessible archiving. A good archive should be accessible and is a source of information for the actions of people and organisations that is relevant not only today, but also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and long after that. It must be possible to find the desired information. The design of the information system is therefore essential!

Information disseminated

There is no organisation in which information can be accessed in one place. Information in paper form, an e-mail, a written note or your digital archive. Everywhere there is information that is needed to form one complete image. But how do you, as an organisation and as an employee, achieve the best way to create a clear picture of all this information?

Information management inextricably linked

As an organisation, it is necessary to make efficient choices in the field of information management. The archive is inextricably linked to the entire information management system within an organisation. Every organisation has different quality requirements for archives and for information management. A modern, but above all sustainable, information system has been set up if information from the paper archive is accessible and new paper and digital information is also taken into account. The combination for a working information system.

Splitting up to merge

If information is broken down into current information, less current and static information in order to store and retrieve information in the right way, a comprehensive information management system can be set up. On the basis of topicality, it is possible to see what does and does not have priority in making information digital. It is wise to digitise current information directly and to make it accessible directly in the system. Information that is not needed immediately, but that may be needed in the future, is very suitable for external archive management. But of course with the possibility to digitize it as well and to have it available when needed, in order to archive efficiently. Static information can be stored in boxes to create space and, if necessary, to be able to request it digitally. The combination of archive management, archive storage and digitisation (on request) of information that is available together via a single digital system linked to the primary information system is the result. The breakdown of information provides an efficient way of creating access.

New way of working; no more islands

Once the new information system has been fully deployed, organisations can support employees in their work in the 21st century. Information is then accessible when and where you need it! This is the only way to create a higher degree of efficiency and an accessible archive!

Storage at pallet level offers various forms of archive management, giving you the most efficient and cost-saving solution for information. In this way, we can take care of our customers from start to finish.

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