The GDPR is already a year and a half old. At Archive-IT, this legislation is discussed every day. In this way we don’t only look at ourselves, but also try to help other companies with this rather demanding legislation. For our customers, too, it is essential to have the GDPR integrated properly into the company. But how do we at Archive-IT ensure that everything actually complies with the GDPR Act?

Data Protection Officer

In order to ensure that the GDPR is complied with as much as possible within Archive-IT, we have engaged an external Data Protection Officer. This officer is in regular contact with us in order to communicate the latest developments in relation to the GDPR. The official also regularly visits Archive-IT to carry out a CIP analysis on location. The procedures are checked and the risks are examined. These risks are then assessed. At Archive-IT we are currently satisfied with the current state of affairs, a result of good cooperation with our Data Protection Officer.

Keeping the knowledge up to date

The processes within the GDPR require continuous, strict monitoring. After all, it is very important to keep abreast of the latest developments concerning the GDPR. Within Archive-IT, for example, we ensure that all employees are periodically made more aware of the GDPR within their field of expertise, for example by means of messages that respond to current events. Various training courses are also given on a regular basis in order to inform everyone about the latest developments.

Feedback to the customer

In order to be as transparent as possible to the customer, we have a clear insight into the levels at which people have access to certain information. The accessibility of our customers’ files is not a matter of course, even for our employees. We apply a number of strict rules for this, which are absolutely complied with and tested. In addition, we have far-reaching and extensive logging possibilities within our software.

Critical customers

It is not only we and our Data Protection Officer who are critical, but also our customers. After all, they entrust us with their privacy-sensitive and/or business-critical information. There are also a number of clients who are audited and checked for – among other things – their archiving policy and see Archive-IT as an extension of their organisation. In order to be sure that everything is done safely and in accordance with the correct procedures, we are audited by some clients. This is what we encourage; feel free to check and test our procedures. This keeps us on our toes and it is also very instructive for us to experience how a customer views it and to which points they draw attention.

The GDPR is a piece of legislation that many organisations struggle with in a way. In some areas it goes very far, but in other areas you can also gain a lot of benefits from it. Want to know more about how we comply with the GDPR? Send a message to our Privacy Officer.


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