Now that Covid-19 has us, and the whole world, in its grip, organisations are trying to limit the damage, to work from home where possible, and all kinds of new, creative initiatives are developing. At Archive-IT, we get a lot of questions about the digital accessibility of information. Because of the many homeworkers, organisations encounter a variety of problems.


Some of the issues that people encounter when it comes to the accessibility of information:

  • The paper filing cabinet is not accessible from home.
  • The digital documents on the internal servers are not accessible or difficult to access and/or can be shared with colleagues.
  • The physical flow of mail does not now reach the employee in question.
  • Because colleagues are ill and the information is not archived in a structured way, it is difficult to retrieve certain documents.

Often the limitations of a certain way of working are only realised when the regular way of working is adjusted. This time unfortunately due to a terrible pandemic.

Digital solutions

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions that can remove these limitations. This can be achieved in a fairly accessible and simple way. Think, for example:

  • Carefully digitizing and making paper-based information available.
  • An application where information – from whatever source – is archived, making it accessible to authorised users in a safe and user-friendly way.
  • Outsourcing mail processing, having it digitised and making it available digitally to recipients.
  • Using software and workflows, documents can easily be consulted, shared, approved and track what happens to certain information.

Step by step

It doesn’t have to be drastic at all to realise these kinds of applications within your organisation. For example, start on a small scale, experience how it works and expand it when your organisation is ready for it.

Our services are simply operational during this crisis. This means that we can archive and digitise your archives, files and documents in a careful, secure manner. In addition, we can – also remotely – implement our software application at your premises, so that you can access your information anytime, anywhere. Wherever you work.

Our employees are at your service. Feel free to exchange ideas with us via an online meeting with one of our advisors. We are happy to help you.

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