In the context of ‘Ruim je bureau op dag’, we are giving extra attention to a tidy workplace today. The new year has just begun, a good reason to tidy everything up. Your desk is often a meeting place for papers and things that you don’t always need. Also for reasons of privacy, it is important to store documents with reliable information safely.

The current workplace

Messy agencies take privacy risks with them. Think, for example, of:

  • Lying around with passwords and important documents;
  • An unattended desk with an unlocked screen;
  • Chaos on the desk and in the (drawer) cupboard due to all the papers and trinkets.


The big cleaning

Collect all the documents that are on your desk and in your (drawer) closet. Divide all documents into categories, such as urgent, non-urgent, important and unimportant. Then there are a number of options: rearrange, scan, archive and destroy. Scan important documents and save them digitally. Ensure that documents that are no longer needed are destroyed confidentially (if necessary). The papers you still need can be stored in folders or scanned. Are there any tasks associated with the papers? Think, for example, of a meeting that is always postponed. Plan this in and then process the papers, so that it doesn’t build up into chaos again.

After all the paper from your desk has been cleaned up, you can clean up the other desk accessories. Ask yourself whether you’re actually still using it, whether it’s better to store it or throw it away. Keep your desk from becoming a gang again by printing documents only when you really need them physically. The more you work digitally, digitise and have a system that allows you to do this safely, the more tidy your workspace will become. In this way you reduce the paperwork on your desk and less printing also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions!

Finished with all the ‘physical rubbish’?

Don’t forget the digital files. An organised digital working environment saves you a lot of time if, for example, you have to look up something quickly. A company often works with several programs, which means that the overview is quickly lost. Structure everything to reorder. A tool that can help with this is a digital system that organises your files. This way you can connect information from different programs and have everything in one place. Handy!

Rest in your head

You will notice that a clean desk and an organized digital work environment not only gives peace of mind, but also in the appearance in the office.

Do you want to go a step further and are you curious about the possibilities of physical and digital archiving? Please feel free to contact us.

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