In today’s society, the Innovative Workplace (the new way of working) and the creation of a digital working environment have become indispensable. Technology should make our lives easier and give us more control over our work. But what tools do we really need to create a complete digital work environment?

The best means of communication

Drawing up a wish list is a good start. But that’s not all. After all, other elements also play a role in the final choice of resources. Budget, for example. It is important to do a check on the basis of your preconditions and that which suits your organisation. Think of the appearance of the various resources. An iPad evokes something completely different from a paper notebook. Don’t forget to include these elements in your choice. What you want to achieve and the goal to work digitally must be widely defined by your organization, because that is the beginning of a structured and well-considered transition.

A digital workplaceIn my opinion, a good digital workplace consists of a number of elements: starting with equipment such as a laptop or desktop, or a mobile workstation if you don’t own a laptop. A common mistake is to purchase equipment that later turns out not to support the functionality you need. Organizations buy tablets on a massive scale, but can that device really do what you want? Don’t go straight into a hype, but compare, consider and test!

In addition, you are dealing with digital information that should be given one central collection point. Think of files, plans, invoices and everything related to this, of course this depends on the type of organization. Information must be accessible and editable. In addition, a digital workplace requires rules and procedures on how to deal with authorizations, editing and reading certain files. The rules and procedures are even more important than the equipment to work digitally, especially to guarantee the safety of the information.

When organisations think about working digitally, they quickly come up with all kinds of concrete questions. It’s all about a company’s ability to continuously adapt to new digital requirements and the corresponding expectations of the customer, but it’s mainly about which applications are needed to best perform the role of the customer in relation to the customer. As few limitations as possible and as many possibilities and opportunities as possible!

Let’s get this straight!

It is therefore important to know what you as an organisation want to look like and how you can best approach the customer, so that you can carry out your work in the most efficient and best way. And in addition; what do you have to spend in order to set up your workplace as optimally as possible? Set up a project group to discuss all the important steps and set up rules and procedures. A digital workplace, with optimal results, is an executed plan on the fly!

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