Delivering End-to-End Next Generation and Process Management Solutions

Reuver, October 8, 2019

A new, long term and intensive cooperation is a fact. Star Storage and Archive-IT join forces to offer their customers an end-to-end document processing and information management services.  With pride we announce this partnership that will bring to bear the extensive expertise of both companies, further extending our document centric services with next generation content and process management solutions to address new opportunities and deliver even more added value to our customers.

Star Storage

Star Storage is a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and management solutions for top private and public organizations. With more than 19 years of experience, our Intellectual Property and a portfolio of over 500 customers on 4 continents, strong expertise in top industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, utilities and public administration, the company plays a key role in digital transformation, mobile and cloud journey for any size organization. Catalin Paunescu, CEO of Star Storage: “We are a partner driven organization. While working intensively with global partners (technology vendors and global systems integrators) on Global Fortune 500 customers, we truly believe in the value of the specialized local and regional solutions and service partners that can focus on specific challenges of their customers in the region. The addition of Archive-IT highlights the broad appeal and value that our solutions bring to businesses regardless of size or industry. We are delighted to have Archive-IT join the Star Storage partners family. It’s a dedicated and passion driven organisation, which fully aligns with the values and ambitions of Star Storage.”


In the past few years Archive-IT has focussed mainly on digitising, external archiving and the development of software, but now it is transforming increasingly towards the digital domain. The market has shown that the paper chaos, which could be found in archives for many years, has moved to the digital world. There is such a huge amount of data, spread over several applications, that it’s often impossible to find something. Through our collaboration with Star Storage, Archive-IT offers a next generation solution for digital archiving, namely AIR (Assured Integration of Records). Next to that, leveraging the extensive set of StarCapture and SEAL functionalities developed by Star Storage, it’s now possible to transform paper and unstructured data into structured information through a new service: Vitalising. Paul de Meulemeester, COO of Archive-IT: “Why reinvent the wheel? By connecting our deep expertise and knowledge of the local market with the technology from Star Storage, a win-win situation arises, and our customers are the first to benefit. We pride ourselves on being a specialized one-stop shop provider for document centric solutions and services in the region, and we are glad to add to our portfolio a next generation content and process management solution that would round-out our offerings.”

Introducing AIR – the next generation Content and Records Management, Archiving and Information Governance solution

Delivering all the functionality required to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information throughout its life cycle, AIR capabilities include:

  • Information capture with advanced options powered by AI and automatic metadata extraction;
  • Intelligent Content Management – supporting user productivity with functionalities like storing, searching and retrieving, navigation and security, viewing, sharing, classification, flexible metadata;
  • Enterprise Records Management – supporting compliance and risk management with retention management, file plan, controlled disposal and updates, advanced audit;
  • Hybrid Archives Management – unified management of paper and electronic archives in one single interface;
  • Smart workflows and approvals – supporting essential workflow and collaboration features.
  • Digital mailroom – Document processing for fast, automated processing of incoming and outgoing paper-based and digital documents;
  • Multiple Integrations with enterprise applications (SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, Office, Outlook) and advanced APIs to connect with any external application.

Vice versa

Both parties benefit from each other’s expertise. For Archive-IT the technology from Star Storage is a great extension to their products and services, while Star Storage can benefit from the service sector of Archive-IT. In this way they can offer their customers in the Netherlands and surrounding countries more than just software.

Do you want to know more about this collaboration or talk about digital archiving? Don’t’ hesitate to contact us!

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