Re-audit of our ISO 27001 certificate successful

Once again, we can proudly announce that the ISO 27001 standards have been implemented by the Archive-IT processes. Archive-IT successfully completed the audit for ISO 27001 on 6 and 7 October 2014. As a specialist in digitization and information accessibility, Archive-IT demonstrates that the information security system has a solid and secure structure. The proof that Archive-IT complies with the International Standard for Organisation (ISO) standard and is a reliable partner for its customers.

Recognition of the aim

Léon Lalieu, CEO Archive-IT: “We have always strived to provide an optimal service to our customers. The confirmation of the ISO certification is a recognition of this goal for Archive-IT. The ISO 27001 certificate is the crowning glory of our hard work. After all, it not only indicates that all processes are well thought-out and safely regulated, but also that our internal organization actually complies with this. We have millions of files full of privacy-sensitive information, so our information security must meet the strictest requirements.”

Highest priority

Maurice Sanders, Security Officer at Archive-IT, is the driving force behind the information security system: “For our customers it is extremely important that their data is secure at all times. This ISO 27001 certificate confirms that the security of this data has the highest priority for us.” And it doesn’t stop with our certification, all partners in our information chain are certified, which enables us to maintain the level of security that is of great importance to our customers.

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