Archive-IT congratulates the hospital on this milestone!We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Màxima Medical Center on its millionth digital file; a special milestone for the Central Medical Archive of this hospital.

From 2003, the hospital had to contend with a space problem due to the large number of files they had stored in their archives. With its two branches, in Eindhoven and Veldhoven, the number of files increased considerably. But soon they came into contact with Archive-IT. In the discussions that followed, the focus was on cooperation in solving space problems and making the files accessible and traceable. Màxima Medical Centre is committed to efficient and secure information!

Gradually a digital archive

Ruud van Pol, at the time, was the account manager who, together with the managers at Màxima Medical Centre, was looking for a suitable solution for them. This has resulted in years of pleasant cooperation. “Màxima Medisch Centrum has chosen to gradually build up a digital archive. This means that a certain amount of files is periodically transported from the hospital to Archive-IT, in order to then digitise them in bulk. This has been happening for more than 10 years now, so I am very proud of this successful collaboration and congratulate the hospital warmly on this milestone”, says Ruud van Pol.

Controlled & manageable

Maikel Dorssers, as of 2011 the responsible account manager of Archive-IT for Màxima Medical Centre, can only endorse this successful collaboration and has regular constructive contact with Simone Wouters, Head of the Central Medical Archive at the hospital. Simone Wouters says he finds this moment very special to think about: “As a team, we make sure that the archive is an efficient and streamlined place to provide information. By gradually digitising it, we keep it manageable and create space and efficiency. In addition, the medical specialists in the hospital can access the available digital information via Archive-IT JIM very quickly and safely. This software solution is integrated in our EPD Ezis from Chipsoft, so that users can easily access the digital files via their familiar system.”

Information security

Information security is the number one priority at both Màxima Medical Centre and Archive-IT. The ISO 27001 certification – the standard for information security – that Archive-IT holds, is therefore very important for Màxima Medical Centre. All processes, both physical and digital, are safeguarded according to the highest security standards, with the digital data being made available in Archive-IT JIM via a secure VPN connection after digitisation. After all, privacy-sensitive information should never be left out on the street, and that is a central concern of both organisations at all times.

On behalf of the entire Archive-IT team, congratulations once again!

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