Information management is becoming increasingly important, as information is nowadays available everywhere and on different media. This is precisely why we need to ensure that information management, file management and digital working methods work to our advantage. It must be supportive and certainly not burdensome. Progressive and efficient, instead of time-consuming. That is what rehabilitation centres in the 21st century are opting for!

Electronic accessibility

Electronic environments are not unknown in rehabilitation centres. Many organizations work with the Rehabilitation EPD, Ecaris or Chipsoft. But only an electronic patient file is not a solution. What happens to the paper files from the past? What happens to the paper new documents that are still coming in? An integrated solution has been developed for this, which ensures that your paper files are digitised and accessible within the electronic environment with which you work. Via a handy additional scan function, the new information can also be scanned directly into the file in question. In this way, you have all the functionalities available within one system.

One step further

But we’re going a step further. Your files are accessible in your trusted system. But to really be able to access your information anywhere and anytime, to be able to edit it and then share it with other authorised parties, is of a different level. A level that the rehabilitation industry demands. Because employees in rehabilitation centres often work at different locations, or are busy with treatments. This means that mobile access to information is required. Packing files or processing forms are a thing of the past. The digital files are safely accessible on a PC, tablet and iPad. This makes it possible to make notes on location in the file concerned. Even without an internet connection.

Added value

Archive-IT has been successful in the rehabilitation sector for a long time and is therefore a full-fledged discussion partner. Think of the privacy sensitivity of the information, the simplicity with which emergency procedures have to be made, and the user-friendliness of the software. All this is possible.

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