It is the third Thursday of April and that means that today all the secretaries will be put in the limelight. This is the perfect day to give extra attention to the digital secretary, because in the digital age it is impossible for a secretary not to make use of all the digital conveniences that are on offer. So let’s zoom in on the benefits of a digital secretary.

In an organisation where people often work digitally, it is no longer possible to miss a digital secretary. A secretary is in fact a link in the organisation that ensures that everything is and remains prepared and structured. The digital tools therefore ensure an efficient working day!

Working without paper and thinking digitally

Once they are ‘finished’, most secretaries don’t want to do anything else than work in a digital environment. By working digitally in a secure and structured way, everyone can access the information 24/7. Completely location-independent. Security’ is a key word in this respect. There is still often a fear of information leaking from digital solutions, which means that digital working is not always fully embraced.

The digital secretary no longer needs a pen and paper! Even within our own organisation, the secretary indicates that she no longer wants to go back to the paper age. This way, tasks can be carried out much better and more work can be done in less time! If you see the advantages of working digitally.

We wish all secretaries a pleasant and above all fun working day!

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