Software as a Service (SaaS) is a form of cloud computing; almost all of us use it on a daily basis. However, people often have doubts about this form of software when purchasing a new package. Why is there such a doubt when we are already using it so much and global use is only growing? That’s why we will explain some questions (with the answers!) that can help you in the search called Cloud Computing.

Where will my data be stored?The files and the information they contain are stored in a Data Centre. Data centres specialise in the storage of data and take all the necessary measures. Therefore, before concluding a contract, check with which data centre and service provider you will be dealing with, what measures they will take and what certification they have in their possession.

How secure is Cloud Computing?

Here, too, it is important to check carefully whether the partner you want to work with has the right certification. ISO 27001 (information security) is very important for this. A tip is to exchange ideas with the Security Officer to find out what is being done about digital security and encryption of data. Check whether the organizational and technical measures taken are also periodically assessed and adjusted where necessary. At Archive-IT, for example, we work with reputable security companies; they periodically try to hack our software ‘ethically’, so that any vulnerabilities are identified in good time. No one can give a 100% guarantee, but you can’t do that yourself when working physically or locally. In any case, it must be clear that every effort is made to take the highest possible security measures.

What is the real advantage of working in the cloud?

Apart from the improvement in information security, it is really a great advantage that you can work wherever you are and whenever you want. That offers opportunities and increases efficiency and productivity. Exactly who has access to which information can be arranged. In addition, it saves a lot of work that all updates are automatically carried out remotely, you always have the latest version, have no internal costs for servers and can easily be scaled up and down. In this way, ICT managers can concentrate on other important tasks within their own organisation.

Am I always dependent on an internet connection?To use a cloud service, you depend on an internet connection. After all, you can access it by just going to a URL and logging in there. So yes, the Internet is a prerequisite for using software in the cloud. At Archive-IT we have developed an iPad app, which makes it possible to access information without the Internet. In that case, it is important that a file bundle is prepared in advance, which you can take with you on the iPad to a location without an internet connection. As soon as an internet connection is available again, all changes that have been made in the meantime are automatically synchronised to your ‘digital archive’.

Do I have to deal with unexpected costs?In the field of ICT, you can save costs. This is mainly due to the fact that your ICT department no longer has to pay for hardware, no longer has to carry out maintenance and updates. Unexpected costs are no longer an issue, as you will be relieved of any worries in these areas. Using a cloud service is very honest. You pay for actual use and the number of gigabytes of storage capacity you need. So the more users, the more you pay.

Do you have more questions about working in the cloud? Feel free to contact our Security Officer!

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