Archive destruction

Secure archive destruction of files

The confidential destruction of archives, valuable documents and files is a speciality. With the emphasis on confidentiality. The files that are stored at Archive-IT and of which the retention period has expired over time, are – after a signed order from the client – confidentially destroyed. Do you have archives in your own organization that have expired? Or would you simply like to clean up the archive thoroughly and have the documents that are no longer needed destroyed? Just ‘throwing them away’ is not safe. Going through the shredder yourself is not very efficient and therefore very time-consuming. Archive-IT will be happy to take care of this archive destruction for you.

Are you unsure whether the retention periods for your documents have expired? Many different documents are subject to different retention obligations. Read more about them here. Are you in doubt? Or would you like to spar with one of our advisors about your archive? Feel free to contact us.


The transport of files from our secure archive premises to SUEZ is carried out exclusively by means of exclusive transport. This means that your archive documents to be destroyed are transported directly to the SUEZ secure environment in a single route. In addition, the archive destruction takes place in a completely closed circuit. This means that no human hands are involved in the process; it is fully automated.

Destroying the archive is a specialism that must be handled with care and security. Archive-IT only works with partners who also have the right certificates and procedures, so that we are certified in the chain. SUEZ is CA+ and DIN 66399-2 security class P3 certified, an additional confirmation that the destruction of your privacy-sensitive documents is in good hands.

For the destruction of confidential documents, Archive-IT has established a long and close cooperation with SUEZ. In addition to being a global player in the field of waste processing, SUEZ also specialises in the confidential destruction of privacy-sensitive documents.

Archive destruction: Prevent data leaks, even physically!

Destroying archives goes beyond tearing up your paper. It must be destroyed under strict conditions and meet many requirements. In this way, you can be assured that your valuable information, which may be business critical or very sensitive to privacy, will never, ever be on the street. After the safe archive destruction, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate lists all the files that we have destroyed for you. On this basis, you can prove that you have implemented the destruction policy as it applies to your organisation.

The destruction of the files includes the following activities:

  • Lifting files from the Archive-IT area
  • Transport of the files to the destruction plant
  • Unrecognizable and certified destruction of files
  • Preparation of the certificate of destruction, which will be made available through a portal

Archive destruction costs

In order to be able to destroy your archive in a careful manner, costs will be charged. Archive-IT charges a minimum amount per file in order to carry out this destruction properly. This always takes place via a tailor-made offer. This can easily be requested via our contact form. We will be happy to help you!

Archive storage

Do you have an overflowing archive, but your retention periods have not yet expired? Or do you still need your documents? Then physical archive storage is the solution for you. Archive-IT offers three different forms of archive storage: storage at pallet level, storage at file level and conditioned storage.