Our society has a big impact on the environment. Do you and the organisation you work for pay much attention to the environment? Today is World Environment Day! This day was created to raise awareness about the environment. Although the world is becoming more and more digital, large amounts of paper are still being produced. This is at the expense of trees and the environment. Going digital (paperless) as much as possible and digitising your existing paper documents are ways to increase the sustainability of your business operations. It's time to pay more attention to this!

The impact of paper on the world

An estimated 15 billion trees are felled every year. The share of paper production underlying this felling is at least 14%. This means that every year about two billion trees are felled for paper consumption. But we should not only focus on cutting down trees. It is much more than that. The process from cutting down a tree to the finished A4 paper costs a lot of raw materials and energy. The paper industry is one of the top three largest emitters of greenhouse gases. This industry is also the biggest consumer and polluter of water. More than 5 litres of water are needed to produce one A4 sheet.

Paperless work

Sustainability is high on the agenda today. Companies are constantly on the lookout for cost-saving production options and are increasingly paying attention to how sustainable they become and operate. Going paperless is one of those ways. Besides the fact that it has a positive impact on costs, search time, efficiency, accuracy and availability, it is a way to make processes more sustainable. This results in, among other things

  • Less logging
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Less transport
  • Less water wasted

Many organisations still have a paper archive and print/copy large quantities. This can also be done differently. The archive takes up valuable space and finding a file takes a lot of time. Digitisation makes the archive secure and searchable, and staff always have all the information quickly at hand.


Archive-IT works in an environmentally conscious way. For example, we work with digital invoices and quotations, and most of our orders are also placed digitally. All the paper that is used in our organisation anyway, as well as the files that need to be destroyed, are destroyed in a confidential manner. This destroyed paper is then sent for recycling. In addition, we encourage our employees to carpool and, where possible, to cycle to work. Employees who use a leased vehicle may only choose a vehicle that meets a certain energy class. We also take energy-saving measures, such as LED lighting. Recycling and reuse of materials is also strictly observed at Archive-IT. Think of packaging materials, such as boxes, that are used for transport.

Humans are known to have a great impact on the environment and the temperature on earth. Due to the high consumption of paper, the negative developments for the environment are increasing. Digitisation is not only better for the environment, but also for the efficiency of your work. Would you like to learn more about the digitisation process? Archive-IT will be happy to help you! Feel free to contact us here.

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