GZ OfficeXperience and Archive-IT join forces. While Archive-IT has been the expert in the field of digitisation, archiving and technology to make information securely accessible for many years, GZ OfficeXperience is active in an entirely different angle: productive and comfortable office furnishings. This is where the collaboration between the two parties has become a reality, because honestly, a paper filing cabinet no longer fits in the modern office.

Who is GZ OfficeXperience?

GZ OfficeXperience, based in Zaandam, strives for office furnishings in which employees are productive and feel comfortable. Furniture that inspires, because everyone performs best in a place where he or she feels comfortable. They work with a unique concept that offers solutions in the field of office furniture (office furniture), office supplies (office supplies) and office concepts (project design).

GZ offers a total concept in which the customer is completely relieved of his worries. Wout van Laar (director) explains: “Tables and chairs can be purchased anywhere. Also at GZ. However, we like to raise the bar a little higher, so that every entrepreneur gets the workplace where people can do their best.”

From data to information

Archive-IT has also taken significant steps in recent years. In addition to the careful digitisation and archiving of paper files, we are placing increasing emphasis on the digital domain. Because with all that data, we can do so much more with it. We make the transformation of data into information, so that we really create added value. To this end, we have developed four services that fit together seamlessly:

  • Digitisation of information;
  • Physical archiving;
  • Vitalization of digital data;
  • Platform for digital archiving.

In short, Archive-IT is committed to making information accessible in a correct, user-friendly and above all secure manner on a daily basis. Whether in paper form or digitally. Full accessibility is essential for our customers’ primary processes.

External storage

Why save an archive externally? In the first place, the available space in the workplace is used much more efficiently. Those cumbersome filing cabinets are no longer needed! This creates much more space on the work floor, which you can certainly use much more valuable. Thanks to the Scanning on Demand service, you will always have your archive quickly (and digitally!) available on request. Are you looking for dynamic documents that you often need? Then digitisation is the solution.

Digital archive storage at Archive-IT? That is also possible! You will then always have access to all archival documents scanned, encoded and secured by Archive-IT. On a digital level, we have an abundance of possibilities. All extremely safe: we have several quality certificates, an advanced gas extinguishing system, camera surveillance and access control. Our system is also regularly challenged by ethical hackers to ensure that it is and remains watertight.

We look forward to a successful collaboration with GZ OfficeXperience. Is your office ready for a new furnishing? Let us know and we will be happy to help you. Together with GZ OfficeXperience, we will ensure that your workspace is used optimally. Cleaned up, paperless and archived.

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