In the rubric: "Employee in the Spotlight," we show you who is behind our organization. Time for a look behind the scenes. This time, Jac van der Wielen is in the spotlight. Jac has been working in the Finance department since July 2023. We would like to introduce him to you!

What did you do before this and how did you end up at Archive-IT?

"I started my career in the finance department at De Maaspoort Theater & Events, in Venlo. After that I started working for a security company as an office manager for a while, where I was the contact person for several large customers. Later I also took on positions in the field of sales, accounting and at a later stage I was appointed as company manager. Due to circumstances, I started looking for a new challenge. I came in contact with Paul, the CEO of Archive-IT, and a conversation followed about the vacancy in the finance department. This was followed by a pleasant conversation with Jolanda and Christine. I really liked the warm and open corporate culture. The colleagues are all spontaneous and everything is taken care of down to the last detail. Meanwhile, I have been working at Archive-IT with great pleasure for some time now."

Can you tell a bit more about your position at Archive-IT?

"I work at the Finance department, together with my colleague Jolanda. I had no experience with an ICT company before. Every day I learn more about the working methods that Archive-IT uses. As a result, my range of tasks is becoming more and more extensive and varied. This happens in phases, so that I can make the packages that are used my own. In addition to the administration for Archive-IT Netherlands, we also do the administration for our German branch and our sister company Van Dinther. That results in a nice variety!"

What does your average workday look like?

"I start at 8 in the morning. I always start the day by opening the various mailboxes and handle the tasks that I find here. Once all the mails are updated, I start working on the administrative tasks. I am also improving my skills, obtaining more knowledge about the packages that are being used and making the most of the possibilities. I support my Finance colleague with open tasks, so that as a team we take the department to a higher level. Breaks are of course also a part of the working day. I like to take a short walk to get some fresh air (when the weather is nice) or I will go to the canteen to chat with colleagues I don't see as often during the day."

Nice to know: In his free time Jac has been busy for years with his great passion: breeding Gould Amadine. These are Australian finches. With these birds he participates in competitions. In October he will participate in the Dutch Championships, hoping to improve on last year's bronze medal. Good luck Jac!

What do you get satisfaction from while working?

"I get a lot of satisfaction and energy from working with and supporting colleagues. Not only in my own department, but also throughout the company. Helping people has been my passion for a long time!"

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