More and more companies are abandoning well-kept paper personnel files. Are you tired of working with paper personnel files? Now is the time to do something about it! The search for the right file often takes a long time. At Archive-IT, it is possible to digitise personnel files at different levels, namely at file level, document level or with a selection of key documents. In this blog, we will tell you more about these different levels!

Benefits of digitising personnel files

Digitisation of personnel files is a source of effectiveness and efficiency for your organisation. In addition, there are many other benefits, namely

  • Structure and simplicity.
  • Space saving in your organisation.
  • Documents are available 24 hours a day.
  • Extra control over data leakage.
  • AVG security.
  • Several authorised employees can access the file at the same time.

Joan Damen, Administrative Manager at Porsche Groep Zuid, also recognised the benefits of digitising personnel files: "Another advantage is that we have more space in the department again and can work independently. For an organisation with several branches, this can be very practical. All in all, we are very satisfied with the digitisation," says Joan, who had the personnel files digitised by Archive-IT. To read about other customers who have gone before you, click here.

File/tab level scanning

With file/tab level scanning, we consider the paper personnel file a thing of the past. The file is transferred one by one from paper to digital format in a PDF file (per tab). The scanned documents are equipped with an OCR function that allows you to search for words in the file. This makes it easy to find the right information quickly. New additions are made at the document level.

Advantages :

  • Cheapest way to scan
  • Least error-prone
  • Fastest turnaround time

Scanning at document level

With this form of scanning, paper-based personnel files are fully integrated into the digital structure of your HR system. This is done by automatic indexing. This means that there is a separate file for, for example, an employment contract, a copy of an ID card, a job interview, etc. The software must be able to recognise which documents belong to the same file.

The software must be able to recognise which documents belong to which type of document. Since personnel files are different in every company, the software is tailored to your company and your needs. To ensure that the process runs smoothly, one or two days of training are planned to train the software together. In this way, the highest possible recognition rate is achieved.

Advantages :

  • Retention period adjustable at document level.
  • There is a classification for the past and the future

Scanning based on selected key documents

This form is a combination of file and document level scanning. It involves selecting the most frequently used and visually recognisable documents, such as the Certificate of Good Conduct, the copy of the ID card, the employment contract, etc. These documents are all stored in a single folder. These documents are all stored in a separate tab. The other documents are displayed in a separate tab. This way you can easily find the most frequently used documents, but you do not have to file everything in separate tabs.

Advantages :

  • Pleasant middle ground between file level and document level.
  • Attractive in terms of budget and turnaround time.

In summary, there are three different ways to scan your personal files. Would you like to know more about the most suitable scanning option for your company? Then contact us here without obligation!

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