Many organisations have difficulty with the mandatory retention periods for documents. It is often not known that a correctly designed (digital) working environment is a solution to this problem. These retention periods are indeed important for the business risks of organizations. Difficult legal processes can be a consequence when information is incomplete or even lost. Reducing these risks is possible by applying document management at a differentiated level.

Paper mountain

Structuring documents and storing them correctly can be quite time consuming. Even then, the question is whether the information can be retrieved easily at a later date. It takes up a lot of space and that pile is getting bigger and bigger; because some documents have to be kept for a certain period of time. Some examples: for financial documents in the Netherlands there is a mandatory period of 7 years. Medical records currently have to be kept for 15 years. Almost every organisation has to deal with its personnel files. This is also subject to a term of 7 years. In addition to a laborious legal process, a visit from the tax authorities can also be expensive if the guidelines are not followed.

Differentiate for the most cost efficient result

We advise you to carefully map out what kind of information is available at home and what distinction can best be made. Of course we fully support our clients in this. By making a distinction I mean a differentiated approach. I will clarify this by means of a few examples. Personnel files of your current employees are useful to have directly at your disposal, as well as medical files of patients from the appointments portal. This means that digitisation is the most suitable solution for this type of files. Everything is scanned directly and made available digitally via the software. You may also have documents, where the retrieval frequency is somewhat regular, but not immediately necessary. A cost-efficient and secure solution for this is: external archive management. The files will then be stored individually in our highly secure archive building and as soon as one is required, it can be requested via the software. Requests can be placed at any time of the day and are digitally available to you within 15 minutes. In this way you save costs by not immediately digitizing everything, because there are probably documents that you don’t even need anymore. 100% delivery reliability is guaranteed. That leaves you with documentation that only has to be kept for the required period of time, but is hardly needed any more. For this we recommend: external archive storage, where these documents are stored according to the storage period or according to your own wishes.


In this way you can handle your documentation cost-efficiently and easily manage the storage periods. In this way, you do not have to store anything longer than necessary, no information is lost and you can retrieve your information at any time. An investment of this nature will certainly be repaid in the long run.

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