Today, 28 April, is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Archive-IT is active in the healthcare sector, among others. Medical information needs to be available in the right place at the right time, in a safe and user-friendly way. Watertight information security is not only important, but also a real necessity. Time to give it extra attention during this day.

Physical archiving

Archive-IT is active in several sectors. One of them is the healthcare sector. The solutions physical archiving, digital archiving and digitisation are central to this. Managing medical files internally takes a lot of time and involves high costs. Medical files have a long retention period. There are also exceptions to these deadlines. There are still a lot of files from the days when people still worked with paper files, and these take up a lot of space. Physical archiving is the ideal solution for archives that you don't need anymore, or hardly at all, but that need to be available as soon as they are needed. At Archive-IT archiving is possible in three different forms: storage at pallet level, storage at file level and storage in accordance with the Archive Act. Read more about this on our physical archiving page!

Digital archiving

Digitising archives in the healthcare sector brings several advantages. The productivity of care providers increases when they do not have to deal, or have to deal less, with the hindrance of the paper file. However, it does not stop with digitisation. It stands or falls with the correct way of digital archiving. Because the retention obligation must also be met digitally. It is very important for information security and legislation that the retention policy is properly set up. This ensures that data is not kept longer than necessary and that a healthcare institution keeps a grip on the amount of data. Archive-IT notices that people are currently struggling with this. The data is growing exponentially and it is difficult to keep control over it. We also see that the data in, for example, the EPD is constantly growing and is not always archived in a structured way, if it is no longer a dynamic file. A good application is digital archiving, in which the reduction of data from the EPD can also be included. In this way, the less current data is extracted from the EPD and digitally archived. This way the EPD stays dynamic and the performance remains high. Archive-IT has specialised in this, with our solution AIR.

Archive security

As a specialist in the archiving, digitisation and digital archiving of medical files, Archive-IT ensures that it is carried out in an optimally secure process. Amongst others by our ISO-standards, AVG compliancy, security measures and internal awareness. Read here how Archive-IT has integrated safety within the work processes.

To give this day extra attention Archive-IT would like to give the health care sector a boost in these busy times. The quality and efficiency of working in healthcare should remain optimal and not be hindered by unstructured documents. Do you have any questions regarding (digital) archiving? Archive-IT helps you gladly further! Please feel free to contact us here.

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