The world is digitizing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, this can also have disadvantages. The more data there is in your digital work environment, the higher the chance of a possible data breach or cyber attack. Nowadays, it is necessary for companies to secure their online work environments properly. But how do you do this? We explain it!


By thinking carefully and using common sense, the problem is often solved. Often data leaks can be prevented by the employees themselves. Meetings are held in the workplace, notes are taken and (company critical data) is created. This releases a lot of information, often in document form, which may contain personal data and/or other privacy-sensitive data. Organisations have a major responsibility in this since the introduction of the General Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). Employees are in many cases the key to good security, but can therefore also be a weak link if they are not aware of this. Informing the employee well about his/her role and the relationship with keeping the data safe is crucial. Employees must be regularly trained and tested in this area. Interesting test: Leave one or more USB sticks lying around in or around the company premises. Who notices and reports it? That says something about awareness! Another option is to send an alleged phishing mail and find out if employees are clicking on unreliable links. With this you can prevent a lot of misery! At Archive-IT, we have an internal audit team that conducts unannounced workplace audits to check how important information is handled. Inform employees about these results and awareness will only grow.

Use secured software!

When employees are working productively on the work floor, a lot of documents will be created. And where do these documents end up? For example on: wifi, laptop, printer, telephone, network, video conference, interactive whiteboard, USB stick, trash can and at the employee’s premises. By using external software that arranges and secures these documents, the company can save a lot of time and effort and reduce risk. This software ensures that all documents can be found quickly and in one place for easy digital work. The documents are properly secured by the experts and the company does not have to spend unnecessary time on this, so it can focus on its daily business.

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