2021 is almost over, time to look ahead to what the coming year will bring us. New trends and developments equal new possibilities and opportunities. Which trends & developments are worth mentioning when looking at (digital) archiving for the coming year?

Cyber security

In 2021, there was a large increase in the number of cyber-attacks on companies. In the Netherlands, for example, there was an increase of up to 86% compared to last year. Due to the corona crisis and the resulting growing dependence on mobile devices, more people are working in other locations and data is more vulnerable. Cybercriminals are adapting quickly and cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated. It is expected that this development will take on even greater proportions in 2022. To combat this, governments want to introduce more and more rules. Companies will then be fined if they negotiate with cybercriminals or hackers. The goal is to eliminate the most important motive for cybercriminals, money. The security of (digital) data is therefore more important than ever. Work with companies that have their information security in order and have the right certifications.

Hybrid working

At the beginning of the coronal pandemic, many people were working from home for the first time, which meant that that the occupancy of offices was low. The pandemic forced companies to change quickly, so working from home did not go smoothly for many in the beginning. As the corona pendemic lasted longer, people gradually went back to the office. Now, a long time after the start of the pandemic, we have discovered that working from home also has many advantages. This is how the hybrid system came into being and will not disappear from business society. By working partly at home and partly in the office, you get the best of both worlds. The expectation is that in 2022 more and more people will be working hybrid. Also, because companies save money with a hybrid system, there will be more response to this. As it transforms from temporary to permanent, companies will invest more to make hybrid working possible. All information must be available in the right place, with the right authorisations.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based innovations are currently helping many people. This is a trend that started years ago. However, there is still a lot of potential in this area of society, and development around this topic will take off again in 2022. In short, Artificial Intelligence focuses on the development of (human) intelligence in non-living creations. The goal is for these creations to be able to think, reason, act and even learn as best they can. AI has the potential to (partially) solve many problems in the future. At the moment, AI is helping to develop medicines, analyse data and optimise the use of renewable energy, among other things. In 2022, AI will become increasingly relevant and help society with problems that would never be solved without this technology. There will also be a shift in company size. Where AI has been used in large organisations until now, it will play an increasingly prominent role in small and medium-sized companies.

Archive-IT follows the trends and developments closely to apply them in our solutions and business processes where possible. We find it important to innovate in order to help other organisations with their (digital) archiving challenges.

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