AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord provides ambulance care in the North and Central Limburg region. With over 250 employees, they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the best possible quality of care for the patient. They make more than 30,000 registered emergency rides per year.

AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord has been a satisfied customer of the services of Archive-IT since 2010. Roy, employee Financial Administration AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord, talks about his experiences with Archive-IT.

Why archive externally?

AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord opted for storage at pallet level at the time. There are several reasons for this. Roy explains: “In addition to financial and administrative archive documents, a large part of our archive that is stored at Archive-IT consists of journey forms. Before the digital age, each journey was processed on appropriate journey registration forms. This information has a legal retention period of 20 years. We find it important that this is archived in a safe and conditioned manner and that the premises in which it is stored meet all security requirements. At Archive-IT we can guarantee this better than internally. In addition, the archives were previously scattered across different locations, creating inefficiency and making it inaccessible to everyone. By centralizing the archive with an external supplier, the people who need access actually only need Archive-IT’s Virtual Archive. We’ll never have to wonder where anything is.”

Why choose Archive-IT?

“We were looking for a reliable and regional partner. We’ve been a customer of Jalema, Archive-IT’s then sister company, for 10 years. When Archive-IT took over the storage branch from Jalema, we moved along as a customer. The contact persons remained the same and 10 years later we are still satisfied with their services.”

How do you experience our services?

“Excellent! It happens regularly that we need a file that is stored at Archive-IT. Requesting information is done very well via the Virtual Archive system. You indicate after which you are looking for it and in most cases the file is delivered even faster than expected. We experience the contact with Archive-IT as easily accessible; there are short lines of communication with our contact persons. Requests are almost always picked up and processed immediately; we can rely on that”.

Safe & efficient

“The company building of Archive-IT is beautiful! During a tour of the premises, I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes how and where our documents are stored. Especially to experience in practice how structured, efficient, optimal and safe work is done, made a big impression on me. Archive-IT is not only well optimized digitally, but also physically,” says Roy.

In addition to the physical storage that AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord outsources to Archive-IT, they also opted last year to have all personnel files digitized by Archive-IT. On behalf of the Archive-IT team, we thank AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord for their confidence in Archive-IT and hope to continue this collaboration for many years to come!

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