Wonen Zuid is active in Central and South Limburg with the exploitation of social housing. Wonen-Zuid works with many building files, which contain privacy-sensitive information and need to be stored securely. In collaboration with Archive-IT the building files are stored on pallet level. Curious about their experience? Ruud Bisschoff, Manager Documentary Information Services, tells about the completed project!

Choice for Archive-IT

Ruud Bisschoff says: "Previously, our construction files were stored in a large storage hall, divided into many small storage rooms in Roermond. However, these storage areas were not as secure as we thought necessary. There were no cameras, no gas extinguishers and no other security measures. The rooms were only secured by a lock. As the archive consists of privacy-sensitive information, we decided to look for a better solution. Soon we decided to go with Archive-IT. Here we experience a profit on two levels, because the costs are also lower than the storage hall in Roermond. Archive-IT is also ISO certified and takes far reaching security measures like; camera surveillance, gas extinguishing system and burglary prevention. Our building files are now stored at Archive-IT on pallet level with optimal security measures."

Choice for pallet storage

Archives that are hardly ever consulted but still have to comply with a legal retention period, for example, are highly suitable for pallet storage. The building files of Wonen-Zuid are stored in boxes, which are then stacked on a pallet. "Since the building files have to comply with the legal retention period, with the chance that a file might have to be retrieved, we opted for pallet storage. The files are not needed on a daily basis, so it is a cost-efficient solution to archive them at pallet level. We made this choice together based on the advice of a specialist from Archive-IT," said Ruud.

Progress of the project

"First of all, we have not experienced any problems in the course of the project. I have had very little work on it. We agreed that Archive-IT would come and collect all construction files and then categorise them for registration. This all went smoothly, without any difficulties. All the construction files are now safely stored in Archive-IT's warehouse. In addition, it sometimes happens that a construction file has to be requested. Because of Archive-IT's fast service, we have the file in our hands digitally within 24 hours via Scanning on Demand. For me, the fact that agreements were kept, the planning that was followed and the clear communication were the main reasons for the success of the project. Overall, I would give the course of the project and Archive-IT a good '9'," says Ruud.

We thank Wonen-Zuid for their trust in Archive-IT!

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