Problem description

ONS Onderwijsbureau had to deal with a lack of space. The room where the archive was located was at an A location. A spacious area that could be put to much better use, for example for extra workplaces. The paper archive contained personnel files of 50 clients of ONS Onderwijsbureau. In addition, the files did not comply with the AVG legislation. The customer wanted to give every employee access to his/her file at all times, to increase transparency. This is only possible with a digital file.


The combination of digitisation and physical storage was the right solution for ONS Onderwijsbureau. The files of employees who were currently employed were digitised and directly imported into the AFAS environments of their clients. There were also many paper files of employees who had already left employment, but whose files still had to be kept in accordance with the law. These files are stored in Archive-IT's secure archive. If a file is needed, it is delivered via Scanning on Demand. The file is then returned by post or digitised, after which it can be consulted digitally the same day. During archiving and digitisation, the files are made AVG-proof. This means that only what is necessary is retained.


  • Valuable space within the organisation is freed up, it can be used in a different way.
  • Personnel files are available anywhere and anytime for authorized employees.
  • HR files are now stored in accordance with the GDPR.
  • A lot of time is saved by having the right file up and running in just a few clicks.

Key figures


Physically archived files


Digitized files


Scanned images

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