Problem description

ONS Onderwijsbureau had to deal with a lack of space. The space where the paper archive was stored cost money in rent and maintenance. In addition, they wanted to ensure that their HR files were stored in accordance with the GDPR Act and that employees had access to their own files at all times.


The combination of digitization and physical storage was the suitable solution for ONS Onderwijsbureau. All personnel files of the employees of their customers who are employed were digitized and imported directly into the AFAS environments of their customers. There were also many paper files of employees who are already out of service, but whose files still need to be kept in accordance with the law. They have had these archived in the secure archive of Archive-IT and, if necessary, they can retrieve them via Scanning on Demand.


  • Valuable space within the organisation is freed up, it can be used in a different way
  • Personnel files are available anywhere and anytime for authorized employees
  • HR files are now stored in accordance with the GDPR

Key figures


Physically archived files


Digitized files


Scanned images

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