For generations, MIK Childcare has been offering trusted and affordable childcare in Maastricht, the Western Mining Area and the Heuvelland. With loving & professional attention for every child from 0 to 13 years. At MIK, they find it important that children feel safe and secure at the day-care centres. There is plenty of room to play and learn while playing. A lot of attention is paid to the space, the play material and the daily rhythm.

Cleaning up; a time consuming job

Yvonne Gregoire, Personnel Administrative Officer, has been involved in the project to digitise and integrate the personnel files within Raet. MIK chose to clean up the files themselves, a time-consuming job. Yvonne: “Although the files had the same structure, it had to be assessed per file which parts could or could not be preserved. That’s why we decided not to outsource this.”

Test files

After cleaning up, three files were tested to ensure that the files met the expectations and requirements of Yvonne and her colleagues. Yvonne says: “Here you can find out what is involved because one file is thicker than the other. Now the files are in Raet, they are easy to use and I can easily find everything. I’m still busy going through the files and checking whether everything is in good condition, luckily it’s very easy to adjust things.”

From now on, everything will go digital within the HRM department at MIK: “Everything that comes in now is immediately scanned and added to the file. An employment contract will still be printed out, sent and scanned again upon return. In the future, we hope to be able to digitise this as well.”

Good references

MIK Childcare has been in contact with Raet about digitizing files, Archive-IT was one of the possible candidates. Why was Archive-IT finally chosen? “The working method of Archive-IT appealed to me the most and besides that you are located in Limburg, which gave us a pleasant and familiar feeling. In addition, we received three references, which I contacted. I asked about the experiences and the process of digitization. All references were very satisfied with Archive-IT. That was the deciding factor!”


“If I had any questions after scanning, I could always ask the Archive-IT project manager. It’s always possible that small things are unclear or something like that, but it’s nice that Archive-IT is still available after the scan. I have also experienced this as positive during the process.”

Yvonne indicates: “The project went well, I can’t make more of it!”

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