Thebe Holding is a large care and service organisation for all residents of Central and West Brabant. It offers a wide range of services for young and old: from maternity care, youth health care, home care and nutritional and dietary advice to care in residential care centres. Thebe started out as a home care institution and has undergone many mergers. With all kinds of consequences for the availability and accessibility of patient information. Due to a lack of storage space and the urgent need to professionalise the archive, Thebe Nursing & Care went in search of a solution.

During the preparation of the quotation, Archive-IT immediately showed itself to be a professional and knowledgeable partner. That created a lot of confidence. The good quotation then convinced Thebe V&V to outsource the medical file to Archive-IT.

Where to go with the medical files?

The storage of medical files became increasingly difficult, partly because of the policy of not throwing away “the past”. In the limited space available, it became increasingly difficult to retrieve the information. At the Zorg & ICT trade fair in 2011, Archive-IT presented the Paperless working concept from day one. Director Casper Jacobs had long been striving for a working environment that would be highly paperless. He got to know each other and saw a solution to his problem: too little archive space now, and soon even fewer square metres, since a complete wing will be demolished. He thought he had found a professional partner in Archive-IT.


After getting acquainted with Archive-IT at the Zorg & ICT trade fair, right-handed Harrie Slangen (policy officer) was extensively informed about the Archive-IT products (full digitisation, scanning on demand and pallet storage), the way of working that goes with these products and the associated prices. Slangen: “During the preparation of the quotation, it soon became clear that when you saw the files, you knew exactly what you were finding and what had to be done to arrive at a good quotation. That showed professionalism. On the basis of the quotation, we made the choice to make use of this solution. An implementation plan was then drawn up. There was a lot of contact. We consciously opted for the physical transition for the carnival holiday. Two employees of Archive-IT and students were involved in the implementation, with everything involved. I was extremely satisfied with the implementation. The transition went smoothly. I speak for the entire organisation when I say that we are a satisfied Archive-IT customer. The fact that initial discussions with Thebe Tilburg have taken place only confirms this!”

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