Vincio Wonen has been advocating living in Parkstad Limburg for 100 years. Every day, they work on suitable housing in a pleasant environment for people who cannot provide it themselves. More than 2,900 households in Heerlen, Hoensbroek and Brunssum are at home with Vincio. In addition, they manage shops and garages. Satisfied tenants, young and old, single or family; that’s what Vincio Wonen is all about!

Flexible working

Within Vincio Wonen there was a desire to embrace flexible working, so that work can be independent of place and time. Flexibility was one of the arguments to start the transition from paper-based to digital. Roy Drissen, program manager and ICT advisor at Armana Cloud, assists companies with ICT transitions. Vincio Wonen has taken Roy in hand to be able to lead this transition in the ICT field as well. From Vincio Wonen Mattie van de Kragt, Manager Operations, is closely involved in the ICT projects and the many changes that have taken place (and are still taking place). Mattie: “The state of ICT seemed to have stuck in 1990. Time to change that! Rapid steps have been taken with regard to the various projects that were needed to realize essential changes. The digitisation project with Archive-IT has been part of this. The great thing is that these ICT projects went very well according to plan. I have experienced this differently in the past. Good preparation is really half the work.”

Digitisation of parcel archive

Vincio Wonen has chosen to first have the plot archive digitised by Archive-IT. Roy says: “In the 90’s a lot of use was made of L folders, stickers, clappers and letter trays. At Vincio I got a deja-vu, the processes were still this way. We then made the choice to tackle the largest archive first. We cleaned this up internally; all documents that didn’t belong there were taken out. Then the files were digitized by Archive-IT.”

The choice for Archive-IT wasn’t made overnight. In order to create a good partner, Vincio has drawn up a selection process with criteria. A visit was made to Archive-IT in Reuver to see with his own eyes how digitisation works. According to Mattie and Roy, a number of things came to the fore there: the care, flexibility, certifications and the facilities in the building. Roy indicates: “Archive-IT goes a lot further than the bulk processing of files, they actually do something with the data. That was a reason to choose for you, to actually discuss how to deal with the digital data. There was also a direct human touch. No slippery sales pitches, but hands-on and on an informal business level.”


However, digital ambitions do not stop here. Vincio Wonen is currently working on good metadata for the digital information. Fully in accordance with the rules set by the accountant, GDPR and the Tax and Customs Administration, among others. Mattie: “Everything we do, we do for our tenants. The quality of the service depends on the quality of the data. This is necessary in order to match your services as closely as possible to the wishes of your tenant.”

Long-term relationship

Vincio Wonen was looking for a long-term relationship, something they certainly found in Archive-IT. Mattie tells: “Archive-IT has become a good partner throughout the project. You expect to pick each other up when you fall or stumble, give solicited or unsolicited advice when something can be done better, that you want to grow together and that the one strengthens the other. In the future, we will contact Archive-IT again for the next project.”

Archive-IT thanks Vincio Wonen for the trust!

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