Many legal files have mandatory retention periods and therefore often lead to overcrowded archives. Notary office Olivier Waterkeyn, located in Waterloo in Belgium, recognized this problem and started a conversation with Archive-IT.

External storage

The notary firm has chosen to store part of their archive externally at Archive-IT. Isabelle de Stefani, lic. notary, at notary Olivier Waterkeyn, says: “Our primary goal was to save space. Our archive racks were overcrowded and it became more and more complicated to add new files to the archive. In addition, we find it very important to be able to consult our archive when a file is needed. Archive-IT then proposed to store our oldest files, of which the frequency of consultation is relatively low, externally in their secure archive premises. This solution meets our requirements perfectly: space has been created in our office again and we have the certainty that we will have our files available in electronic or physical form within a short period of time, if necessary.”

Course of the project

Isabelle continues: “We have chosen to tackle this project in phases, so that it will be completed after three years. This works perfectly. Each phase proceeds in the same way: Archive-IT provides us with archive boxes in which we place our files. These boxes are then provided with a barcode label. In this way, an accurate inventory of our archived files is created and they are then transported to Archive-IT’s secure storage space. When the boxes are filled, we agree on a date and Archive-IT comes to pick them up. Transportation from our office to the Archive-IT facility is always direct, eliminating any risk of mixing boxes with other Archive-IT customers.”

Trusted cooperation

Notary office Olivier Waterkeyn and Archive-IT have been working together for quite some time. This combined with the experience that Archive-IT has with notary offices, immediately created a lot of confidence. Isabelle: “The project has been very well coordinated by all parties involved, both from Archive-IT and by our employees. Our contact person at Archive-IT proposed a working method that was suitable for everyone, taking into account the set budget. We are therefore very satisfied with this collaboration with Archive-IT. A big compliment to the employees for their friendliness and efficient way of working!”

Archive-IT thanks notary office Olivier Waterkeyn for the trust!

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