Antes, based in the Rotterdam region, is a specialist in psychiatry and addiction. They help people with mental health problems by offering treatment and guidance. Antes was formed in 2012 from a merger of Delta Psychiatric Centre and Bouman GGZ. They have more than a hundred years of experience with (addiction) psychiatry.

External archiving

With a renovation in prospect, it was important for Antes to store the patient files externally. Since Delta had already had positive experiences with Jalema in the past, the step to Archive-IT was quickly made. Saskia Spierdijk, Director Service Company at Antes, supervised the project and talks about her experiences.

Safety first

Saskia: “We needed the space in which the archive was located to make room for a renovation. The renovation had already been planned in a relatively short period of time, so speed was one of the most important criteria. In addition, the safety of the files was also very important. Because of the strictly confidential patient data, it was necessary for the files to be stored in a safe environment. Archive-IT was able to offer us both the desired speed and a secure storage, so the choice was made quickly.”

Smooth cooperation

“The cooperation with Archive-IT went very well and the communication between the two of us went very smoothly. Archive-IT’s speed of action and flexibility in particular was a big plus. The time frame was quite a challenge, because about 30,000 files had to be transported and stored in a very short period of time. Archive-IT has kept its promises,” says Saskia.

Archive-IT thanks Antes for his confidence!

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