The Dutch family business AFAS Software has been automating companies and organisations from all sectors with complete and modern online business software since 1996. In cooperation with AFAS, Archive-IT has created a complete digital working environment for APT Kurvers.


Archive-IT and AFAS, in close cooperation, provided the opportunity for APT Kurvers in Roermond to switch to a digital working environment. The partnership between Archive-IT and AFAS ensures that organizations are optimally supported in the field of making information digitally accessible and making this information available to users in organizations. A complete overview of all data, all accessible from one system.


Archive-IT has designed a link that makes scanned information available via AFAS. AFAS’ ERP software ensures that all administrative processes – from Financial, HRM to Logistics – are fully automated in one and the same software package. As a result, the customer always has full insight into the business operations. It consists of separately available modules, which makes it possible to set up everything flexibly. In this way, it fits in seamlessly with the wishes and needs of the organization.

“The import process went smoothly at APT Kurvers and the great thing is that the customer saw the data coming in live during the import,” says Maurice Sanders, Manager Security & IT Development. After the scanning process at Archive-IT, the link can be started. The link requires the data to link the files and the OCR function can be activated, after which the files are transferred to AFAS. This link allows a simple integration with Archive-IT.

In practice at APT Kurvers

“In practice, it is often only after the introduction of a central system that organisations start thinking about how they want to make paper information within that system accessible,” says Marc Polmans of Archive-IT. “This creates a hybrid situation in which part of the information can be found in the software package and another part in the paper archive. This forces people to choose. And often they choose for the familiar paper file, which they have worked with for many years. The result: they print out all the information and add it to the paper file.”

It is important that all information is made available in one system and that is now possible for APT Kurvers with the Archive-IT link. Archive-IT achieves this by seamlessly linking the unique combination of services and ICT solutions to the target group. In this way, a solid foundation is laid for the acceptance of a new digital system. A professional approach that has already proven itself; AFAS and Archive-IT join forces in order to offer a simple and complete solution for organizations. In this way, APT Kurvers can continue to work from its own familiar software system and now also has access to all information, without having to get used to a new system again. Ease of use of the highest level!

The transition from paper to digital has never been easier!

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