Pento wants to get rid of its huge, bulging archive. Digitizing their archive is a must, but one condition is that all data is made available in one system.

Striving for a paperless working environment

Michael Heil, director of the Pento, had long been striving for a paperless working environment. “The archive began to bulge,” says Michael Heil. “We had some 30,000 files there that took up a lot of floor space. There’s something else we can do with that. At the Zorg&ICT 2007 trade fair, the penny fell. Archive-IT introduced me to the concept of ‘Paperless from day one’. Part of this is the Virtual File, which makes it possible to display electronic documents in the same way as on paper. This results in a high level of acceptance on our part.”

An integrated package

Michael Heil: “Our total automation is housed in an open source program called Open AC. Broadly speaking, we have a package that allows us to invoice, register, store all names and addresses of clients and guarantee the entire process with the health insurance company. Before we talked to Archive-IT, it was already clear to us that we wanted a link between our digital file and our Open AC package. Archive-IT had to become an integral part of Open AC and Archive-IT could do that for us.”

Behind the scenes

“With JIM, the file management program, we work behind the scenes.” According to Michael Heil. This so-called JIM / Open AC Plug-In ensures that the JIM screen with the files and documents runs synchronously with the selected patient in the main system. The users can therefore access their electronic records and documents directly from the main system in their familiar working environment. “Depending on the selected patient, the available records are displayed. If the file is not yet digital, we can request the file from Archive-IT via a link. The file is returned to us digitally within half an hour, after which we can view and edit it in the Virtual File.”

High acceptance

Michael Heil explains why he chose Archive-IT: “The Virtual File was decisive! Because we use Virtual File, the concept has a high degree of acceptance. The employees of Pento work with digital files, but all electronic documents are displayed as traditional paper files. And the fact that Archive-IT moves with us, such as the link they made for us with JIM and Open AC, makes Archive-IT a logical choice.”

Completion of phase one

After phase one, in which Pento can request and consult digital files, phase two was also implemented a while later. In addition, they had 10,000 current files digitised via Bulkscanning and some of them stored externally in the secure Archive depot of Archive-IT. The pursuit of a paperless working environment has become a reality for Pento!

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