Equipe Zorgbedrijven is an independent group of specialised clinics based throughout the Netherlands. Equipe offers both insured and uninsured care. At Equipe, there are no long waiting times, good information is provided and much attention is paid to good aftercare.

Storage at pallet level

Equipe Zorgbedrijven has chosen to store the paper files from before 2015 externally. This concerns the files of a recently acquired clinic. They have opted for Archive-IT’s storage at pallet level. Wim Linting, Clinic Manager at Equipe Zorgbedrijven, explains why: “We had some quite old files in the archive at the acquired location, whose consultation frequency is very low. Nevertheless, this is important information that needs to be stored in a good and safe way. Unfortunately, the space in which the archive was located no longer met today’s safety requirements for the storage of medical records. In addition, it took our colleagues a relatively long time to retrieve files from this archive. Time that could be better spent on direct patient care. That was the main reason for us to look for a suitable and affordable alternative. We found that alternative at Archive-IT.”

Choice of Archive-IT

“When we expressed our wish for the external placement of our archive at our head office in Eindhoven, they suggested Archive-IT. The head office has had good experiences with Archive-IT and they indicated that there are several possibilities for archive storage. This was reason enough for us to talk to Archive-IT and let them inform us about possible solutions that fit our organization and the type of archive”, said Wim.

An appointment is an appointment

In the end, they opted for storage at pallet level. The files of Equipe Zorgbedrijven have been carefully archived in Archive Cubes. Wim adds: “We opted for storage at pallet level, because these were rather old files that we don’t often consult anymore. A very low-threshold solution that perfectly meets the safety requirements. The files are also easy to retrieve digitally using Scanning on Demand. During the project there were a number of contact moments to coordinate everything with each other. The communication went well and pleasant. At Archive-IT, an appointment is an actual appointment and that’s why we didn’t have any surprises.”

Archive-IT thanks Equipe Zorgbedrijven for trusting in our organization!

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