ISD Kompas is an inter-municipal social service set up by the municipalities of Nuth, Simpelveld and Voerendaal. In the meantime, the municipality of Nuth, together with the municipalities of Schinnen and Onderbanken, has merged into the merged municipality of Beekdaelen and as a result, the former municipalities of Schinnen and Onderbanken are also gradually being merged into ISD Kompas. Residents of these South Limburg municipalities who (temporarily) have no income, can go to ISD Kompas. Together with job-seekers, ISD Kompas looks at the opportunities and possibilities offered by the regional labour market.


ISD Kompas has chosen to digitize their client files. The reason for this choice was that they wanted to work in a safer and more reliable way. Walter Grenda, External Consultant Archive at ISD Kompas, explains: “The physical files used to hang in a filing cabinet. This worked fine, but if an employee took a file with them and did not register it, nobody knew where this file was. This is of course incredibly difficult, especially when we are talking about payments from people on welfare. This is information that is very sensitive to privacy and should not just be left on the street. In addition, it is very important that all work processes end up in the right file and this did not always go well before. Of course, people remain people and can always make mistakes. By digitizing, human error is minimized and all actions in the files are automatically logged. A very important improvement.”

Selection process

Walter continues: “Besides the fact that we were looking for a partner to digitize the paper files, we were also looking for a digital solution in which the files could be accessed and multi-nurseable. Several parties were eligible for this, which we looked at during the selection process. We had set high standards for the digital solution we had in mind beforehand. Important functionalities that we paid attention to included the availability of an archive module and an automatic destruction policy. The Archive-IT system met our strict requirements exactly. In order to experience the entire process in practice, we had a tour of Archive-IT. We were very impressed and everything showed that Archive-IT arranged it in a professional way. Especially the level of information security really stood out for me. The clear explanation and looking together for a suitable solution for tailor-made ISD Kompas really convinced us.”

Work process level

ISD Kompas has chosen to register, digitise and archive at work process level. Walter explains: “We have chosen to register at the work process level, because we ultimately want to destroy at the work process level as well. This means that Archive-IT has made several registrations at work process level within one client file. In this way, it is not necessary to manage the entire file until a client terminates the relationship with ISD-Kompas (e.g. in case of moving to another municipality, death or because the client has accepted a job). For us this is crucial, because not all work processes within one and the same file have the same retention periods. Now we can align our destruction policy with the work processes and the associated laws and regulations. After all, we not only have a duty to retain, but also an obligation to destroy.”

Pleasant cooperation

“We found the cooperation very pleasant. The project group from ISD and the involved employees from Archive-IT communicated back and forth. The assignment has changed in the meantime, because new things came to light. The flexibility and thinking along in this, I have experienced as a big plus. Possible hick-ups were tackled together, so that the project could continue in a good way. It was important to us that we could also have the physical files quickly available during the digitisation process. We therefore requested pieces from the physical environment several times. This all went very well and quickly. A compliment to the employees of Archive-IT, everyone made a great effort!”

ISD Kompas is not fully digital yet and certainly wants to take some more steps in this area in the future. We thank ISD Kompas for the trust in us!

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