Stichting Kindante provides education in the municipalities of Beek, Beekdaelen, Echt-Susteren, Sittard-Geleen and Stein. The foundation manages 30 primary schools, including three schools for special primary education and two schools for secondary special education. Together, the Kindante schools have almost 9000 pupils and 950 employees.


Kindante has made the choice to digitise its personnel files and to import them into their AFAS environment. Odette Albers, HR Manager, says: “We knew we had to digitise, because in that way we could start using AFAS optimally. In addition, we thought it was very important that all the data of an employee could be found in one central location. However, we had no idea how we were going to handle this. When we entered into a conversation with Archive-IT, a lot became clear very quickly. That way, after the first introductory meeting, we really had a picture of the possibilities.”

One point of contact

Prior to the digitisation process, Kindante still had some questions. Lieke Kaldenhoven, HR advisor, explains: “We had some questions beforehand; of course, you do hand over your privacy-sensitive files! However, our questions were answered quickly and all our concerns were taken away. It was very nice that we had a single point of contact during the project; the project leader was always there for us. If there were any uncertainties, we just had to say it and she immediately came up with alternative options or examples. This gave us great confidence in the successful completion of the project.”

Laws and regulations

Lieke goes on to say: “Digitising personnel files is an ideal moment to realise what data is actually still being stored. Not unimportant with the GDPR and the increasingly strict laws and regulations. In addition, it is the way to ensure more efficiency, care and transparency. This is essential for the employee, because he or she is the owner of the file and must be able to look into the file at all times.”

Cooperation with Archive-IT

“In our search for a party for digitisation, we found it particularly important that it was a party with expertise. The fact that Archive-IT has a lot of experience with digitisation within the education sector and the direct upload to AFAS made them the perfect match. Another important factor was that we wanted to experience as little disruption as possible from the digitisation process, and Archive-IT has also lived up to this. We are super satisfied with the collaboration! Our digital ambitions go much further and we will definitely come back to Archive-IT if we want to take the next step.”

Archive-IT thanks the Kindante Foundation for its trust!

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