KMWE is a supplier to the High Tech Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace. They specialise in the development and supply of complex and high-quality components and modules. High mix, low vlume, high complexity. KMWE is an international player with offices and partnerships in the Netherlands, Malaysia and India.

Digitizing personnel files

The HR department recently started working with the Cobra personnel information system, a system they are very satisfied with. Previously, everything was kept in hardcopy and stored in drawers in the department. Time for digitisation!

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Deniece van Raaij, HR Support at KMWE, talks about her experiences: “Our main reason for digitization is to increase efficiency and make managers self-sufficient in information. As a forerunner in the high-tech industry, we felt that working with paper files was not entirely appropriate. In addition, we will soon be moving and this is the right time to digitise the personnel files. We do not need to make room for this in our new office space. Everything digital in Cobra gives a huge advantage. I can view every file at any time, regardless of the location. This ensures flexibility and efficiency during my work.”

Take everything out of your hands

“During the first interview with Archive-IT, the professionalism immediately came to the fore. By asking the right question, we were given the confidence that we were dealing with the right party for our question. Archive-IT challenged us to think about how we should design the design. The employees of Archive-IT thought along with us very well in this respect. Questions by e-mail or telephone were answered neatly, quickly and correctly. This party has relieved us enormously in digitizing our personnel files,” says Deniece van Raaij.

Deniece concludes her story with the following words: “Archive-IT has carried out the entire process quickly and qualitatively, we certainly recommend Archive-IT as a partner for digitization.”

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