In the section: 'Employee in the spotlight', we show who is behind our organisation. Who does what? And what are the motivations? Time for a look behind the scenes. This time, Dylan Douchet is in the spotlight. We would like to introduce him to you!

How long have you been working at Archive-IT and what did you do before that?

"I have been working at Archive-IT since November 2019. Before this, I worked at another company, where I had different positions as an order picker, logistics assistant and warehouse manager. There, I did not work at one location, but at different locations. I worked there for about five years and then made the move to Archive-IT. Here, I am more in my element and find it much nicer to work at one fixed location with the same colleagues around me."

Can you tell a bit more about the position you have now at Archive-IT?

"I am a logistics officer at Archive-IT. I am responsible for receiving goods and preparing orders for filling. I also work in the archive, which means I am also responsible for processing and archiving incoming files, registering them in the computer and making sure the files are stored in the right place in the archive. Furthermore, I deal with requests we receive from customers related to file requests, complaints, ambiguities, etc."

What does your average working day look like?

"The first thing I do when I am in the office is to see if customers have made requests for files they need. Then I start looking for these files in the archive and send them physically or digitally. My job is to make sure the files get into the right hands with the customer. If there are no archive requests or filling orders, I continue archiving the files we receive. Together with the team, we make sure everything is filed according to the customer's requirements."

What motivates you most during your work?

"What motivates me most in my work is the customer contact. It gives me satisfaction to be in contact with clients and to ensure that privacy-sensitive files are handled securely. What I also find motivating about my work is that I don't sit still all the time. A large part of the day I am actively working in the archive, so I do not have to sit still on a chair behind my desk the whole time. In addition, every day looks different. This makes for a lot of variety in my work, which also makes my job a lot of fun. Every day I have the challenge of keeping the customer happy and this motivates me a lot to do my job well."

Nice to know: Dylan listens to music a lot in his spare time, especially rap. After a long day's work, he comes to unwind. His favourite rapper is American artist NF. Besides listening to music, Dylan does gaming in his spare time to completely unwind.

What are your goals for the future?

"First and foremost, my goal is to continue working for Archive-IT for a long time to come. I love my job and my colleagues and I enjoy coming to work every day. Furthermore, I have the ambition - when I have more experience - to grow in my position. I think it would be nice to have more responsibility within the company and within the work I do."

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