In our section ‘Employees in the spotlight’ we like to show which people are behind our organization. Every day Archive-IT is committed to support organisations in the transition from a paper to a digital working environment. Besides that, we develop software to guarantee safe digital accessibility. But who does what? And what are the motivations of the Archive-IT team members? Time for a look behind the scenes.

This time John van Lennep is in the spotlight. John is working for Archive-IT as a Full-stack Developer since January 2022. We would like to introduce him to you!

How long have you been working at Archive-IT and what did you do before?

"I have been working at Archive-IT since 1 January 2022. At the previous company I worked, part of my job was software development and the other part was collecting content for low-cost carrier data. This meant that we used our own developed tool to visit websites, such as Ryanair's, and extract certain data from them. I have only been with Archive-IT for a short time, but in the past I have always been involved with data and software."

Can you tell us more about the position you have now?

"Full-stack Developer is something different than what I have done in the past. In short, I work daily on the front and back end of our software solutions, but also with all the tools we use. I am mainly busy adjusting and expanding our software.”

What does your average working day look like?

"As soon as I come in, my supervisor assigns me a number of tickets. These can be bugs, but also new elements that need to be added to the software. Then I start thinking about what exactly needs to be done and how I am going to tackle it. In this way, I can always fill my working day independently. Actually, no day is the same in our department. We have so many different tools that work in different ways, which makes every day a new challenge."

Nice to know: Motorcycling is one of John's great passions. He is not part of a motorbike club, because riding in a group is just too slow for him. Germany is his favourite place to hit the gas; but only when it's really responsible.

What motivates you most in your work?

"There is a lot of variety in my work and many new techniques are used. I am constantly learning, which I enjoy doing. This way I keep stimulating and I can develop myself further. The challenging and diverse tasks at Archive-IT really appeal to me. At Archive-IT there is no chance of getting monotonous! Furthermore the communication lines are short, something which I really like. There is no distance or hierarchy. Here we work as a team, all with the same goal; that motivates us!”

What are your goals at Archive-IT?

"My goal is to gain even more knowledge and expertise of our software. I still have to ask a lot of colleagues, because I have only just started working at Archive-IT, I see it as a personal goal to master that 'natural' feeling for the software within a short period of time. It is so broad and there are so many new techniques; that is precisely why the possibilities with the software are so enormous. But I don't shy away from a challenge, so bring it on!”

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